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Anemoi Incense Bespoke Blends & Tai Chi Qigong Sessions

Anemoi Incense Bespoke Blends & Tai Chi Qigong Sessions

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Anemoi Incense Blends & Two Tai Chi Qigong Sessions

Anemoi Incense Bespoke Blends is one of our most exciting products!

Our motivation for this product comes with the recognition and understanding that each and every one of us is totally unique and individual. Look at the prints on your fingers – no-one else has your fingerprints. Amazing isn’t it!

And with this in mind, we wanted to be able to create blends that are bespoke to you.

The Process There are several steps on the journey of creating your bespoke blend and it’s a process that simply cannot be shortcut or rushed - you deserve more than that.

The first step requires a 30-minute discovery call with Snowy and Loz. This is held via Zoom and is where we find out about you; what you like; what your interests are; what you align to; and, very importantly, what are some of your favourite smells and aromas and how they might connect with a beloved memory or time in your life. We’d also like to know about your favourite flowers and plants … and even your astrological sign. All this information will provide us with insight when it comes to us selecting the oils and resins that we feel will become the blend that is just for you.

Following the discovery call, we will set about creating your bespoke blend and this involves a specific process of working with the resins and oils, intuitively and knowledgably, until we feel we have got the blend just right.

After the drying and settling process of the incense, your bespoke blend will be packaged ready for posting to you.

Your bespoke incense blend package will comprise 100 grams of your unique incense, a beautiful decorative brass burner, 10 pieces of charcoal and a voucher to attend two of our online 30-minute sessions of CLUB CHI Tai Chi Qigong (held via Zoom).

We consider our Anemoi Incense Bespoke Blends to be the perfect gift to honour yourself, or to give to that special someone just to make them feel even more special.

Price £99.00 (including P&P)

Additional Information - We will retain a record of your bespoke blend so you are able to purchase again and again! Further purchases will be priced according to the ingredients for your unique blend.

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