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Anxiety & Self-Sabotage Coaching (12 Weeks)

Anxiety & Self-Sabotage Coaching (12 Weeks)

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Hi, I’m Georgia and I’m an Anxiety and Self-Sabotage Coach, who helps ambitious females overcome their anxiety so that they can take effortless action towards their goals.


You know that feeling when you’re manifesting something or dreaming of a new life but for some reason you feel trapped in your current life and can’t take the necessary steps? 


Well that’s what i’m here for.


If you’re someone who:


  • Gets anxious (especially when it comes to other people's opinions, criticism or conflict)

  • Procrastinates all the time but you’re convinced its just because you’re lazy

  • Is manifesting a bigger and better life but keep telling yourself things such as “it’ll never happen for me” “I’m not capable or good enough” “i’ll probably fail” or maybe you are taking the right steps but it’s still not happening.


Then I am the coach for you 


If you’re ready to:


  • Get control back over your anxiety

  • Effortlessly go after your goals without procrastinating

  • Bring your manifestations into reality so you can feel FREE and IN CONTROL


Then let’s get you started on that journey ♥️


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