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9D Breathwork Journey - Awakening

9D Breathwork Journey - Awakening

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Who is this Journey Designed For?

Awakening invites those eager to escape the constraints of societal expectations and the narratives crafted by media, governments, and external forces. If you've ever felt restricted, diminished, or constrained by these artificial constructs, this journey offers a path to enlightenment. It's an opportunity to reclaim your powerful, autonomous, and liberated essence, free from the illusions of control.

Embark on a transformative quest to transcend these illusions, uncovering the raw truth of your being—empowered, independent, and unrestricted. Strip away the layers of fiction that have made you feel insignificant. This sanctuary of breathwork is your gateway to releasing the weights of yesteryear, bidding adieu to negativity, self-doubt, and judgment, and reconnecting with your true self. Driven by acceptance, gratitude, belief in oneself, and bravery, "The Awakening" ignites a powerful personal transformation, paving the way for emotional resilience, serenity, and equilibrium. This rejuvenating journey strengthens ongoing development, leading you toward a life defined by genuineness, self-exploration, and the liberating truth of your independence.

Expected Benefits:

Freedom from Societal Constructs: Achieve deep freedom by shedding the shackles of societal expectations and dispelling the myths that have made you feel constrained and inadequate.

Dispelling Illusions and Finding Authenticity: Remove the veils of deception sown by media, governments, and educational systems, ushering in a renewed sense of clarity and genuineness.

Empowerment and Autonomy: Build a deep connection with your genuine self, leveraging empowerment and autonomy as drivers for change, leading to a more genuine and satisfying existence.

Liberation from Past Encumbrances: Free yourself from the chains of past experiences, negative emotions, self-criticism, and judgments of others, building mental strength and resilience for the path forward.

Tranquility and Balance: Explore a profound state of peace and balance, restoring harmony within and improving your connections with others.

Renewal and Infinite Possibilities: Foster personal growth and renewal, setting the stage for new possibilities and a more rewarding life journey as you discover your limitless potential.

Duration: 1:09:13


Provider is based in Bali and can accommodate 9am-9pm Monday - Saturday.  

Session is held 1:1 over Zoom, with a recording provided post session.

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