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Forest Bathing - A Wellbeing Booster From Nature's Health Service®

Forest Bathing - A Wellbeing Booster From Nature's Health Service®

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What is Forest Bathing?

Let's clarify what it isn't! It does not involve immersing yourself in water. It does involve immersing yourself in nature with some mindful and sensory exploration.

The scientific results behind mindful spending time in nature are increasingly known among the medical profession and form part of the health services' offerings across the globe including here in the UK. For many of the benefits please scroll down:

The Experience

Take a gentle trip into nature and immerse yourself in 2-3 hour Forest Bathing Experience for deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Treat yourself or someone else the wonderful relaxing and uplifting experience of Forest Bathing. Connecting with yourself and nature.

My Forest Bathing sessions are simple yet powerful mindfulness-based practices that takes you on a peaceful journey through the woods to slow down, pause and bathe in the atmosphere of nature through sensory exercises, simple breathwork and gentle meditation. All the exercise we do are simple, gentle and can be tailored to suit individual and group needs.

I will lead and support you whilst sharing insights about the origins and benefits of Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) practice and how nature collaborates for its and our benefit.

I run public group events or can take bookings for small parties and individuals. Group and private clients have included fitness and social groups, local charity groups, families, birthday parties and company team events.

About Me

As well as been a fully qualified and experienced Forest Bathing Guide,  I am an holistic wellness coach incorporating life and executive coaching, NLP techniques, breathing training and who combines these skills with my forest bathing and mindfulness in nature tools when suitable. I also work closely with other specialist wellness and health coaches to bring an array of effective, interesting, fun and affordable customised events and solution.

With a background in the corporate world, I bring a unique understanding of the pressures, expectations, and dynamics of professional life.

My journey involves overcoming personal challenges, from adopting children with special needs to transforming my health through Buteyko breathing.

Now, as an accredited coach and qualified NLP Practitioner alongside being a forest bathing guide, breathing trainer and mindfulness and meditation coach

Forest Bathing Benefits include:

- Improved weakened immune system

- Better blood pressure

- Reduced heart rate

- Improved sleep

- Improved blood sugar levels

- Improved concentration and memory

- Improved creativity

- Improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

- Improved general wellbeing


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