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9D Breathwork Journey - Full System Reset

9D Breathwork Journey - Full System Reset

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Who is this Journey Designed for?

This transformative journey is designed for anyone feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the relentless demands of life, eager to embark on a path toward renewal and rejuvenation. It offers sanctuary to individuals dealing with the aftermath of challenging experiences, negative emotions, self-doubt, or judgment of self and others. This experience provides a roadmap to uncover deeper meaning and direction in life, presenting an opportunity to reconnect with one's authentic self.

Introducing the Full System Reset, a comprehensive somatic breathwork journey crafted to assist you in mastering the art of letting go. This holistic experience helps you break free from the grip of past burdens, shedding both physical and emotional weights that contribute to discomfort. By integrating key principles of acceptance, gratitude, self-love, and bravery, it initiates a profound personal transformation. You will shed the weight of outdated beliefs, making room for emotional strength, inner calm, and a balanced state of being. This rejuvenating voyage lays the foundation for ongoing development and healing, marking the rebirth of your true essence. Embrace the freedom that comes with deep, lasting change, enriching your life with purpose and limitless possibilities.

Common Outcomes:

  • Escape from Exhaustion: Experience deep relief by breaking free from the fatigue of bygone days, lifting the burdens that have held you back.
  • Release of Physical and Emotional Burdens: Cast aside both physical and emotional barriers, fostering a feeling of lightness and comfort.
  • Cultivation of Forgiveness, Self-Compassion, and Acceptance: Develop a compassionate relationship with yourself and others, employing forgiveness and acceptance as tools for change.
  • Build Resilience and Emotional Balance: Enhance your inner strength and resilience, preparing you to navigate life's challenges with greater serenity and equilibrium.
  • Attain Peace and Restored Balance: Discover a deep sense of peace and restore balance in your personal life and relationships.
  • Energize Through Self-Renewal: Fuel personal growth and empowerment by letting go and rejuvenating, opening doors to new possibilities and a fulfilling journey ahead.

Duration: 1:07:13


Provider is based in Bali and can accommodate 9am-9pm Monday - Saturday.  

Session is held 1:1 over Zoom, with a recording provided post session.

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