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Kundalini Yoga - Chakra Balancing

Kundalini Yoga - Chakra Balancing

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8 x 90 Minute (1 :1) Kundalini Yoga - Chakra balancing Sessions for One In person or Online

A journey through the Chakras! This series is designed to unlock your full potential and awaken your inner warrior! Kundalini yoga works at an energetic level. When your kundalini energy flows freely upward through the 7 chakras it leads to an expanded state of consciousness called Kundalini awakening. We will work at removing energy blocks for a balanced body and mind, so your aura (the 8th chakra) is strong.

When energy blocks occur in a chakra, it triggers physical, emotional and mental imbalances that manifest in symptoms such as stress, anxiety, lethargy, poor digestion, fatigue, negative mindset, lack of self-esteem and creativity.

This can affect relationships and general wellbeing. The chakras also affect emotions, perceptions, actions, thoughts, and consequently affect one’s behaviours toward themselves and others. Through specific postures, breath work, mantras and meditations, we will aim to move blocked energy (prana or “life force energy”) and stimulate imbalanced chakras. This is a great way to go deeper within, understand how your energetic centers work and how Kundalini Yoga practices can help clear blocks to live a fulfilling life.

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