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9D Breathwork Journey - Letting Go

9D Breathwork Journey - Letting Go

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Who is this Journey Designed For?

This programme is for those struggling to release themselves from the grip of past adversities, lingering resentments, or self-critiques. It offers a compassionate environment for individuals aiming to unearth and embrace a deeper sense of meaning and direction in their existence, enabling them to find and reconnect with their true selves.

Embark on a revolutionary 9D Breathwork voyage, crafted to assist you in mastering the art of release. This profound experience frees you from previous constraints, eliminating both physical and emotional burdens that have caused discomfort. It intertwines essential elements such as forgiveness, self-love, acceptance, and resilience, driving forward your personal evolution. You'll shed the heaviness of old wounds, gaining emotional equilibrium, peace, and a sense of balance. This journey marks a pivotal point in continuous growth and healing, fostering the emergence of your authentic self. Step into a world of deep liberation, enriching your existence with meaning and endless possibilities.

Common Outcomes:

  • Freedom from the Past: Attain deep liberation by letting go of the past's hold, releasing burdens that have impeded your progress.
  • Alleviation of Discomfort: Eliminate the heaviness of both physical and emotional burdens, leading to a sensation of lightness and ease.
  • Growth in Forgiveness, Self-Love, and Acceptance: Build a loving and forgiving relationship with yourself and others, recognizing forgiveness and acceptance as catalysts for change.
  • Enhanced Resilience and Emotional Stability: Strengthen your inner fortitude and resilience, equipping you to face life's hurdles with improved emotional steadiness.
  • Tranquility and Restored Equilibrium: Discover profound tranquility and balance, bringing harmony to your personal life and relationships.
  • Empowerment and Self-Evolution: Embrace the journey of letting go and evolving, opening doors to new opportunities and a more rewarding life.

Duration: 1:18:30


Provider is based in Bali and can accommodate 9am-9pm Monday - Saturday.  

Session is held 1:1 over Zoom, with a recording provided post session.

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