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Coaching For Parents

Coaching For Parents

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I do face to face sessions in Ashford, Kent and online sessions using zoom. 

I am Soumya.  I work with parents who are invested in building strong connections with their children, are open to new learnings and feedback and most importantly want to be parents without losing their true self. 

Parents who work with me love being parents, they understand this is not a linear journey and when faced by challenges are open to explore support and understand their vision for family and plan how to achieve it. 

My training is in Social work and recently I'm training in family constellation work. I am a parent  for 13 years and I bring 15 plus years of experience working with children and families. I coach parents to get in touch with their strengths, inner resources and their wisdom  to be the parent they want to be for their child. 

In my coaching sessions parents take the time to open up and discuss their problems in confidentiality. They are held in a safe non judgemental space where they can explore tools that will enable them to feel confident and grounded in their parenting practice. 

In our sessions we explore various topics, most are focussed towards 

  • Building parents confidence, understanding their parenting approach and tapping into their strengths. 

  • Learn simple tools and exercises to  support parenting

  • Experience support and increase understanding of their family system

  • Exploring parent child dynamics and find ways to deepen connection

  • Gain insights and develop an approach that enables parents to explore their own and their children's behaviour and attitudes. 

  • Guiding families struggling with acculturative stress - what aspects of their heritage are absolutely vital to pass down, while releasing guilt, shame or extreme rigidity around areas where more flexibility may benefit their kids. My method is to empower parents, give children needed room to grow, and foster family cohesion through the navigation. If transitioning cross-culturally as a family feels arduous and alone, I offer a listening ear and actionable support.

  • Coping with teenage issues, well being issues. 


The way I like to work is to have preliminary conversations to get to know the problem to work out the support to meet your needs. This will be followed by a 121 session.

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