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9D Breathwork Journey - Stress & Anxiety

9D Breathwork Journey - Stress & Anxiety

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Who is this Journey Designed for?

Ideal For: This experience is exquisitely designed for those battling stress and anxiety, marking an excellent entry point for newcomers to breathwork or for individuals seeking a gentle transition after undergoing an intensive somatic journey. It provides a soothing departure from anxiety, ushering in a state of tranquility and equilibrium. Participants will embark on a gentle introduction to breathwork, nurturing a peaceful bond with their inner serenity.

Journey Overview: Embark on the Stress Relief Expedition, a carefully curated breathwork session aimed at steering you into a state of profound calm. This experience guides you through the tumult of anxiety, releasing you from the clasp of daily stress. It combines a variety of breathing techniques such as deep belly breathing, coherent breathing, box breathing, and the 4:2:6 method, weaving together a symphony of relaxation practices. With the addition of infinity breathing for a touch of vitality, you're invited to softly engage with the energy within your body. Focused on fostering calmness, centeredness, clarity, and serenity, this journey offers a deep personal sanctuary. You'll cast aside the burdens of stress, paving the way for mental clarity, serene rest, and a rejuvenated sense of balance. This tranquil expedition lays the groundwork for ongoing mental health and resilience, enhancing the discovery of your most tranquil self. Welcome the solace of silence, enriching your existence with lasting peace and infinite tranquility.

Key Outcomes:

  • Escape from Overwhelm: Find deep calm as you move away from life's incessant demands, easing the stress that has kept you tense. Easing of Mental and Physical Strains: Melt away both mental and physical strains, welcoming a flow of relief and serene comfort.
  • Fostering of Calm, Clarity, and Serenity: Build a serene and clear connection with yourself and your environment, turning moments of calm into the foundation for a tranquil life.
  • Achievement of Stability and Mental Equanimity: Cultivate inner serenity and mental stability, equipping yourself to face life's obstacles with clear-headedness and equilibrium.
  • Realization of Tranquility and Balanced Restoration: Dive into profound peace and wellness, achieving a balance that rejuvenates both mind and soul.
  • Renewal of Inner Peace: Embrace a refreshed sense of inner tranquility and relaxation, laying the groundwork for a harmonious and easeful life journey.

Duration: 1:07:13


Provider is based in Bali and can accommodate 9am-9pm Monday - Saturday.  

Session is held 1:1 over Zoom, with a recording provided post session.

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