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9D Breathwork Journey - The Origin

9D Breathwork Journey - The Origin

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Who is this Journey designed for?

The Origin is crafted for those who feel estranged from their essence, seeking to release physical and emotional constraints. It serves as a journey back to the authentic self, offering a means to uncover and embrace the root of one’s personal narrative. This experience acts as a haven for individuals aiming to restore balance and foster a deep connection with their innermost selves, paving the way for a significant reconnection to the essence of their being.

Embark upon The Origin, a transformative breathwork journey, accentuated by a dynamic orchestration of melodic singing, chants, and harmonies. Each element is carefully curated to penetrate the depths of your soul. This harmonious blend of sound and breathwork establishes a space for self-reflection and reconnection, enabling a powerful dissolution of tension and obstructions. Throughout the journey, you are gently led to embrace higher levels of self-compassion, acceptance, and rejuvenation, uncovering the genuine self that resides within. It is an experience of transformation, where the synergy of music and breathing techniques enhances emotional clarity, peace, and a renaissance of your utmost potential.

Common Outcomes:

  • Return to Self: Experience the liberty of reconnecting with your essence, shedding the burdens of past experiences that have veiled your true identity.
  • Easing of Tension and Blockages: Alleviate both physical stiffness and psychological hurdles, fostering a state of well-being and comfort.
  • Deepening of Self-Compassion: Develop a deep-rooted sense of self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance, reshaping your relationship with yourself and improving interactions with others.
  • Strengthening of Inner Resilience: Fortify resilience and emotional stability, preparing you to navigate life's challenges with a balanced sense of serenity.
  • Harmony and Equilibrium: Reclaim internal peace and balance, aligning your inner world with tranquility and consistency in your external surroundings.
  • Pathway to Transformation: Empower your journey towards change and personal growth, unlocking new avenues and enriching your life's narrative with purpose and genuineness.

Duration: 53:13


Provider is based in Bali and can accommodate 9am-9pm Monday - Saturday.  

Session is held 1:1 over Zoom, with a recording provided post session.

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